Sneaker Freaker.

'Whats the first thing you notice when you meet someone? THEIR SHOES!'

The thing is I'm slightly obsessed with sneakers. This began like a year or so ago i just stared noticing peoples shoes. I mean its not just sneakers shoes in general are representative of a persons individual style and taste and in a teaspoon amount can tell you abit about that person. And right now i feel like design is at a peak and it just keeps getting better and better. Some of the shoes I've seen are like works of art. Shoes that are not meant to be worn but collected. Eg. The Lupe Fiasco x Cons 'Supplementaire'. I bought my pair but i don't think I'll ever wear them, every time i take it out of the box i get amazed with how beautiful they are however silly that sounds. I'm going to stop talking and just show you what i mean.
The first are cons and the rest are Diesel.

When Life Gives You Masks, Masquerade!

Quote courtesy of Zahra. I don't even know if it makes sense but whatever. Last night was a good night. Went to easties again to return i couple of items that i purchased on my mad shopping night couple of days again. I also had to buy masks for tonight's masquerade. I took Dwalk and the girls to general pants so they could perve on the pretty boy and they did. Except we were quite disappointed with the service i men they didn't even approach us to ask us if we needed help or anything Nora and i wanted to buy a pair of black cons NOT ANYMORE! well not from there anyway.

Phoebe Keen was working so we freaked her out abit. After shopping we headed to Brighton maccas for a late night snack and chill session. It was very fun. There's a TV inside that plays videos clips and so we were making fun of them and laughing at them. Zahra entertained us with her Late night Sudoku story and then we all headed home.

So tonight is the night i think most of us have been waiting for: The Masquer[aid] What it is, its a event organised by event managing students at Ultimo Tafe. They've organised a Charity Ball to raise money for kids with cancer. You pay like $15 for a fab night and you get to dress up and its just going to be an awesome night! I've got the Day off today so I'm going to tidy the house u a bit cos right now it looks like a bomb hit it and then shower and start getting ready. So geeed.

We're gonna
because that's what life's about! Oh and we're also taking LOTS of photos :)


Creature Features.

Check it. So a couple of weeks ago i was on my way to work and i happen to notice this fine fella walking in front of me. i think i liked what he was wearing and that's what caught my attention. I didn't get to see his face properly. But from his side or should i say 'profile' i remember thinking

'oh my god he looks like that kid from Blue water High'

He was wearing a 'General Pants Co.' lanyard and so i knew wear he worked. Anyways over the past few weeks Ive been window shopping past General Pants to see if he has been working. And not in some creepy stalkerish way. I'm at easties all the time and i shop on my breaks so yeah. So the thing is i haven't seen him since the frst time i saw him.

Today i was working til 1 o'clock and since its stocktake sale time i was passing general pants and popped in to see if they had anything, totally forgot about the guy. There was a good song playing, couldn't remember any of the lyrics and guess who was there? Him. And i was like Damn because i saw his face properly and then something else clicked. He looked so familiar, as familiar as the guy from blue water high. He was wearing such nice clothes too. I had to stop myself from staring. You know when you see a 'celebrity' you don't want to make it obvious that you know who they are especially when he's from a show like Blue water high and Creature Features (Muna watches it) its kind of embarrassing.

Just got home from work and googled him. His name is Adam Saunders and he looks ten times better in 'real' life than he does in this photo.




Sitting and chilling with the kids. They are so interesting to watch, they are like little scientists in their own world speaking unusual words. Picked Hussien up from school. He always speaks about how strong he is and how he defends his friends and doesn't like this particular girl in his class because she dislikes him. Kids have such simple lives its amazing, and what is more amazing is that we used to be kids once before, i don't like to age.

Mark Jenkins-installations

During my skating on the net i found a very wicked artist. He goes by the name of MARK JENKINS. He does street installations that are rather interesting, i love it!

Check out more of his installations at:http://www.xmarkjenkinsx.com


Quickly- John Legend ft Brandy

John Legend is Purely Legend. His voice makes me melt and he always sings the sweetest songs. Songs that'll make you want to fall in love and just get married. Lyrics:

If I had twenty million dollars in a vault somewhere baby,
it wouldn't matter anyway
Cause the doctor told me that I'm dying slowly
So I guess I got to love you while I'm here baby
Did you know

The news said the sky is falling, the globe is warming
My country warring, leaders are lying, time is running
lower and lower baby
No where to go

Oh I, I know we just met but baby could u love me quickly, quickly
I... want you to love me like you know the world's about to end baby, quickly

You said you didn't even know my name, but
Told me we mind as well make ours the same
What do you think baby (no time)vegas might as well be light years away, ohhh
We just better land on the stars before they come crashing down
cause I heard the news say

Yea that's right baby kiss me like the world is quacking
Do it like the earth is shaking
You got it baby, that's right lovely
Fill me like our time is sprinting faster running out on us



Kicks Kicks Kicks. Oh yeah.

Im blogging Sneakers. Why? Because they look like Candy and i want to eat them.
Designer: Alejandro Ingelmo


Studying at the 'Library'.

If anyone ever says this to you, don't believe them. Going to the library is statement used quite commonly among young adults to disguise the fact that they are going out with friends to chill and talk and do absolutely everything BUT study.

Worked today. They called me in the morning whilst i was in a deep sleep. I was having a very intense dream except i cant remember a thing. And i try real hard but i get nothing. I hate that. Anyways work woke me up and it made me angry. What made it worse though was they put me in homewares. I hate that department, its boring and slow.

Lemrat and Aysha Bear dropped by in the arvo. They spent some time in Myer doing god knows what. Our store is so small they got a bit excited. Finished round 4.30 and then went on a shopping spree at Kmart with Lemrat. We then went to the 'library' to wait for aysha to finish her shift. Phoebe Keen was there, sat in the kids corner playing children's trivial pursuit and eating food. Did some grocery shopping at Coles and that's about it.

Good Day.



Monday. The only thing i like doing on Mondays is sleeping in and watching Ellen and the view and the cooking shows that cause my mouth to water, Though i cant do any of this. School and its books and pens await my presence. It was such a blurred day today, one because i forgot my G's aka glasses and two because it was so damn slowwwww.I forgot to wear a beanie so my head was losing the heat hard. The only exciting part of the day for me was listening to music. i usually listen to college dropout, late registration and graduation. Those Yeezy albums are a huge part of my last year of schooling. They sum up everything with melody.Sometimes you need to get away from gossip and cheap talk so music is the greatest invention for everything. I always need music. I feel like candy and chocolate and tea.



Currently at UNSW basement. Carolyn has behind the scenes access here and she has invited us for a party. We are all very hungry and waiting for Thai food that we ordered. taste of Thai is being annoying.

These labs are so cool we are surrounded by imacs, exactly 20. Nora would die to be here. I love chilling with my girls.

Yallah bye


This sums up what we did for approximately 3 hours. Welcome to the World Baby Glenda and Baby Glen aka Jammy Jamster.


This brand has the best tees ever. I love all thier designs and the concepts that make a tee a shirt. Imma get me some of their tees.

Buy their stuff at:http://www.profoundaesthetic.com because you know you want to.

Oh Snap.

My POTM (Photographer Of The Moment) is Joseph Hoflehner.His photos are AMAZING and wonderful to look at for inspriation and beauty. Thankyou for taking splendid photos for my eyes to look at.I wish i could work the camera like him.