The Cave Of The Yellow Dog

I was up and awake last night for absolutely no reason, but I am glad I was roaming through the channels as I came into contact with a film that was so calming and pleasant to my eyes. Foreign films with no plot and with commentary are golden. This film was set in Mongolia and composed by director Byambasuren Davaa . It strictly delineates simplicity and that’s why I could'nt blink as I did not want to miss a second of the blissful scenery. My state of mind and emotion was all very calm whilst watching the film. The graceful nature of the film and of course the very real people just made you want to suck the marrow out of life. They lived in essence of their atmosphere and they were very humble, a trait many inhabitants of the Earth seem to dismiss. Y’all should check it, It is so worth the viewing.

Simmer down, D.


This blog post is long overdue, actually I highly apologise to the Followers of the blog and thank y’all for the patience. Just got home from a drive by which was hilarity. Being surrounded by grand inhabitants make my days ecstatic. It’s spring now and the weather is so blissful. The trees that were once in nude have grown some apparel and the sun is making some grand appearances every once in a while. The song that has been intruding my thought processes is ‘killing me softly’ by Lauryn hill. I have concluded that she is the only femme that I will ever listen to. School has sucked most of my energy out like Voldemort sucks souls. Exams just ended and art major is due in less then four days. I am freaking inside and out but I will give hi-def undivided attention as soon as everything is over ie. School/exams/art major. Just so that y’all are well aware paintshop is back in business. If you don’t know what paint shop is read ahead: Paintshop is a small business founded by dwalk in late 2008. Paint shop can make it happen. Here is a creation oh and holler at us via Gmail if you want one, it's exclusive shit. Here is one I created a while back of Zahra and her reggaeton goodness which she cannot live without.

Z and Wisin&Yandel.

HI-DEF UPDATE: Hi def tees are being worked on by Hoodrat and myself. We are designing and collating all our already made designs and incorporating possible tees for our upcoming photo shoot. I know it has taken a long while but trust me this hi-def mayhem will be worth it sir’s and madam’s. Check the blog for regular brand updates.
Simmer down,


Juan Francisco.

You are not going to beleive me when i say this BUT he used a ball point pen to draw these.


The Coolest.

This has to be one of the greastest songs written.. EVER! The lyrics are insane. I was listening to it today on the train and i just cannot get over it.
I love the Lord,
But sometimes it's like that I love me more
I love the peace
And I love the war
I love the seas and
I love the shore
No love for no beach
baby, that's loyal
But she doesn't see,
therefore I spoil
I trip,
I fall run up and brawl.
I love her, with all my heart
Every vein,
every vessel,
every bullet lodged
With every flower that I ever took apart
She said - that she would give me greatness,
status, placement above the others
My face would grace covers
of the magazines of the hustlers
Paper, the likes of which that I had never seen
Her eyes glow green with the logo of our dreams
The purpose of our scene,
The obscene obsession for the bling
She would be my queen,
I could be her king
Together, she would make me cool
and we would both rule, forever,
And I would never feel pain
and never be without pleasure, ever, again
And if the rain stops,
And everything's dry she would cry
Just so I can drink the tears from her eyes
She'll teach me how to fly
Even cushion my fall
If my engines ever stall and
I plummet from the sky
But she will keep me high
And if I ever die
She would comission my image on her bosom
To hum
Or maybe she'd retire as well
A match made in Heaven
set the fires in Hell and I'll be...


You know those days where you wake up and you're struggling to put an outfit together? The image in your head looks pleasant but once you put it all on its not all you imagined and so your running around like mad trying to find this and that and changing into a gazillion things just so you can have a few items that 'go' together. Time is running by and you start panicking and even start contemplating the idea of not leaving the house because its taking to much effort.

You finally have something on and its not because it looks good but because you cant be stuffed anymore. The room is a mess, clothes are scattered all over the floor. You leave and your out of the house and see the world only to realise that you look like crap. you want to run home but its too late now. You pray you get to where you have to go without seeing a single familiar face. The whole time thinking about another outfit that you could have and should have worn. Damn.

That's how i felt today. Just thought I'd let you know.

If only dressing was this easy. If only i were a guy.