Marimekko Umbrellas.

I would stand under ones umbrella if it was as interestingly designed like one of these.



It has been a long while since i last blogged.
Things have been going down and things have not even moved. I have been living life with my books, pens, paint brushes, cameras and music simply. In fact i am seated right now accompanied by notes on Hamlet and a bowl of grapes whilst peering out the window at the moody skies. The world seems blue. Hood rat and the rest of the ladies were sky hi this morning as they flew to Melbourne for a trip of shopping until their knees become weak and being Flanuer's of that area. Speaking of Flanuer, i wrote an art essay today about Shaun Gladwell which reminded me of my very hysterical dream. I had a van that transformed into an obese skateboard which i was holding when walking through central tunnel. I was then approached by a Shaun Gladwell junior. He started reading a love letter to me whilst choreographing his fingers so that they formed heart shapes and almost spelt out my name. It was such a spontaneous dream that i will always think of when looking at his art. I will post a post on him sooner. The week is coming to an end meaning winter holidays, which means study for me and the rest of the oh nine graduating year. Time is sprinting and i am walking the year is flying and the day is ending.

Embrace life and simmer down.


Modern History.

Found this dress in mum's wardrobe. She wore it back in the day. Its a beautiful dress no matter what time period it is. And what about that colour! Dee modeled. I photographed.