Blu & Exile.

Last night was, in one word Amazing! Blu and Exile gig at the Civic 'Underground'. Got into Blu couple of years back. His style is on the same level as Lu but with soul and that's what attracted us to his music. Got there at 9, show didn't start till 12-ish. We were VERY surprised to see Blu standing amongst the crowd whilst the preshow Djs performed. He was just chilling and so we took the opportunity to take a few snaps and talk. I was in such awe. Photos do not do this guy justice. So much finer in 'real life'. AHHHHHH I'm on such a high right now. Screamed my heart out when 'Below the Heavens' came on. That is my song! Made alot of eye contact with Blu ;)

Im so happy right now. All the artists we love we've seen live and met. Its like everything is just happening! But where are you..? Common, John Legend, Mos def AND LUPE AND KANYE!


Lupe Fiasco in 944 Magazine.

OMG i think i just died and went to heaven!


Last night, like really late at night i was browsing the Karmaloop site and found some fresh tees. They have so much stuff up there, you have to check it out! Here's what i liked.

Oh and the models are pretty fine too!

Mo money Mo problems.

'I don't know what, they want from me
It's like the more money we come across
The more problems we see..'

Whats so good about money? Yes we need it to live but why is everyone so damn stressed out about it. People think that money makes the world go round, that without it your pretty much nothing. You only need enough of it to get by and that's it. You don't need alot of it to have fun either. having fun is surrounding yourself with good friends and family. My work people annoy me sometimes. they're constantly complaining about work, money and how hard it is. If you want your money then just do it. Maybe I'm not complaining bout the topic of money so much here, maybe I'm complaining about complainers. I think everyone needs to chill and just put everything into perspective. And when you put money into perspective think about this: 'You cant take it with you when you die'. So use it, throw it in the sky, live your life and most importantly be happy!

stress less



HI definition
HI life
HI way
HI rise
HI tunes
HI school
HI heels
HI pod
HI light
HI score
HI phone
HI priced
HI fashion
HI top
HI maintenance
HI street
HI roller
HI stakes
HI speed
HI demand
HI priority
HI drolyics
HI gher
HI quality
HI importance
HI ness
HI jack
HI larious
HI storic



I Got 99 Problems But My Kicks Aint One.

So Nora has a lot of problems on her mind but as you can see her kicks aint one of them. She loves them, they are drugs that inject her with a natural high. Her life would be pretty complete if only she worked at espionage *nudge nudge wink wink*

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Mwanel Pierre Louis

Doing art theory work so thought it would only be necessary to blog about some inspiring artists. Mwanel Pierre Louis is today's artist. He illustrates these very awe-inspiring illustrations of familiar faces in the hiphop industry as well as very interesting concepts behind other splendid works. Real sweet.

Check his blog out for more pictures:

Carpark Shooting.