Through my lens- infants.

The kids were over recently so i took some time out from my busy schedule to photograph them. They enlighted the atmosphere and are just so beautiful. Enjoy the imagery.



Music for your earholes so you can clean them shits out.

I had to experience a very maddening incident today. I know it may seem foolish of me to be complaining about such a topic but when it involves this line “shorty fire burning” and little boys then please excuse me.

There are only two exceptions for playing your music for the rest of the world to hear:
1. If you are in some deserted area where no-one can hear it.
2. Your at some sort of party.

Now I shall speak to you about the event I had to witness today whilst schooling it. I was on the bus this morning when a bunch of wack ass school boys started playing Sean Kingston's’s ‘Fire Burning’. First of all it was a public bus with not only public citizens but might I mention elderly passengers too. Like honestly do you really think that blasting your speakers to ‘shawty fire burning” will actually get the seniors grinding on the floor and calling 911? It was just so absurdly rude and disgusting. I am one that respects an individuals choices in musical pleasures but please just plug it. No one needs to witness such a thing with their ears. By all means don’t fear as I am here and i found a fresh pair of headphones that I assure will not only make your ears look dope but will allow you to enjoy your music while travelling on transport. Enjoy your own tunes.
Simmer down-D

The Alp Horn Headphones By WeSC


State of mind.

You know those days where something bad happens. A fight over nothing, well something. But something stupid, not even worth it. A situation that arises from nowhere. Your angry but you don't want to let it get to you. You try to ignore it. Block the sound but before you know it your eyes are filling with tears. These tears are not tears from today but from a build up of emotion from a long period of time. You push back the tears because it makes you feel weak inside to allow them to fall.

But unwillingly they fall and you let them.

'Take me away from here
Take me somewhere where love is like breathing
I don't care where we go as long as
I'm there with you baby..'