Club Club.

Just got home from work-izzle. Going to go out tonight, very soon actually to XO at St James hotel our favourite place to be on Saturday night. Celebrating Sanchez's Birthday and just catching up with the girls. Its going to be so much fun. I feel like dancing.

Flashing Lights here I come!




'A heightened state of bewilderment and puzzlement, usually caused by the individual in question not understanding the situation or conversation.'

People confuzzle me. Why cant they be straight up with what they want to say or how they feel. You got people that talk way too much and then you got people that don't talk enough.

Example: Today some crazy lady was having an 'out loud' conversation with herself on the train. Usually i choose to ignore them carry about my business, but when your on a train at 7 in the morning having had no sleep the night before and trying to get some sleep before an exam that your stressing over THEN you don't need that.

Anyways if you want to say something just say it. If you got a problem with me just say it. If I've done something wrong to you then tell me don't give me a 'dirty' every time i walk past and stare expecting that I'll somehow read your mind and apologise. Get over it and get over yourself.

Ouch. I'm whining. I can whine sometimes.

So today i was at university. Had a practical exam kind of thing. Finished just before 12. Went to Parra Westfield. Waited for N/Z to come as they wanted to shop. Didn't buy anything except for a grey/black dress that is awesome. Its an exact replica of a dress i found at Utech only cheaper. Zahra purchased Immortal techniques album and was quite happy about it. Drove home. Slept in the car for a long time. When i woke we still weren't home. I didnt realise how far Parramatta is by car... in peak hour.

Was pretty tired when i got home. Decided to paint. Painted something on canvas. Show you later. Apparently on Sunday (that's when the comp. will be fixed.)



Drifting in an Imageless Field.

So i was just browsing this blog and re-reading previous blogs and i realised there aren't any images. It looks quite boring actually. I've been collating (if that's a word) heaps of images of stuff that i like and is inspiring but my computer is being stupid. And being the non technical person i am Ive chosen to ignore whatever the matter is. It'll eventually start working right otherwise there's plan b: I'll just got to my cousins place to upload them. Anyways the point is I've got pictures and they're coming soon! yessir.



We On you Weona.

Today i had a splendid day with my favourite taco in the world: Sanchez. We havent hung out outside of work in a while and since we were both free we decided to. Met Sanchez at around 12ish at Bondi junction. Headed up to Greater Union. I realised i had only been to that Cinema only once. Back in year eleven, we watched a movie about 'Enron' a Company that went down. It was quite funny.

We watched the fast and the furious. OH MA DAYUM that paul walker is something else. He was so fineee i just wanted to eat him. And yes vin deisel was alright too, he looked so big and strong i wanted him to hold me.

Went out to Max Brenner and had some chocloate and strawberrries. It was beautifull. Chatted for a while and relaxed. It was nice to just sit and talk and not do anything like shopping or running around.

I wanted to go to JB HI-FI to purchase a Mos Def album titled 'Mos Definate'. I had been on the look out for a while and was suprised when i found it. Mos Def is a king. Did some window shopping and then went to Borders to kill time as we waited for Zahra to finish work so she could take us home. Found some awesome fashion mags: wonderland and i-d. Sanchez was looking for Harry Potter movies but Borders didnt have them tsk tsk.. Oh im so geed for the next movie 'Harry Potter and the half blood Prince'. It is going to be so good. Im so glad that i gave Harry Potter a chance, i remeber hating it back when it first came out. i was like 'whats the hype about?' i guess i know now.

Cant wait to dance the night away this week with my senorita.
Love you BFFFFF



May December.

Poor Blog. Its been neglected the past few days as i have been quite busy and have not been bothered blogging. Im just going to summarise what ive done because its a lot.

Wednesday: Happy Birthday Sarelle! My amigo turned 20 and i was very excited for her. We didnt have a proper celebration as we are going all out this weekend. Party Party all night.

Thursday: University. Three hour lecture, long and boring.

Friday: Physics Practical at ten. Got to class an hour late as i had to hand in an assignment. So glad that its over. Left Physics early headed to the city with micheal. Lunch at Chat thai. Damn the food there is good. And the watermelon slurpee thingo is the best drink in the world! Walked down Oxford St. There is a massive vinnies store that has awesome things. Wasnt in the mood to shop but will definately be checking it out sometime this week.

'Finders Keepers' was on that night. Only found out about it the previous night. Its basically a market where young up and coming artists designers showcase and sell their stuff to the public. Dee, Nora and i decided to go. It was held at carriageworks in Redfern. There was so many people. We couldnt even walk through the place. But from what we saw it was good, very inspiring! Cant wait to design my own stuff. Trained it to Central and sat at Gloria Jeans sipping coffee and eating cake. Lovely night.

Saturday: Worked all day til five fifteen. Odd time i know. We had a wedding to go to so ran out of there as fast as i could so i could get ready. Filled the car up and drove to Belmore. We were kinda the last people to arrive but it was all good. Shared a table with a couple that were very sweet. They were Australian and this was there first cultural wedding (Lebanese/Greek). They were fascinated by everything. I was fascinated byt them. They were so in Love and beautifull and they just represented everything a relationship should be. Ohhh. Nora had her eye on the waiter. She made me drink all the coke so that he could walk by and keep refilliing our jug ahaha. Zahra let loose on the dancefloor. Left around 12ish.

Sunday: Work again till five. Reema hosted a nutrimedics party at mine. All the girls came over and pampered themselves. Crazy fun.

Too tired to say anymore.
Will blog regulary now so that i dont have to say it all in one chunk.