When Life Gives You Masks, Masquerade!

Quote courtesy of Zahra. I don't even know if it makes sense but whatever. Last night was a good night. Went to easties again to return i couple of items that i purchased on my mad shopping night couple of days again. I also had to buy masks for tonight's masquerade. I took Dwalk and the girls to general pants so they could perve on the pretty boy and they did. Except we were quite disappointed with the service i men they didn't even approach us to ask us if we needed help or anything Nora and i wanted to buy a pair of black cons NOT ANYMORE! well not from there anyway.

Phoebe Keen was working so we freaked her out abit. After shopping we headed to Brighton maccas for a late night snack and chill session. It was very fun. There's a TV inside that plays videos clips and so we were making fun of them and laughing at them. Zahra entertained us with her Late night Sudoku story and then we all headed home.

So tonight is the night i think most of us have been waiting for: The Masquer[aid] What it is, its a event organised by event managing students at Ultimo Tafe. They've organised a Charity Ball to raise money for kids with cancer. You pay like $15 for a fab night and you get to dress up and its just going to be an awesome night! I've got the Day off today so I'm going to tidy the house u a bit cos right now it looks like a bomb hit it and then shower and start getting ready. So geeed.

We're gonna
because that's what life's about! Oh and we're also taking LOTS of photos :)


  1. aaahahahahahahah ur so frikn coool gurl
    and whose legs are they in that sxy pic up there??
    and whose car is that in the background???

  2. awwww why did u change the pic???