mag a zine.

I am very much into 'National Geographic' magazines at the moment. They have the most AMAZING photographs in them and i hope to one day shoot some film for the dope zine. Ya dig?
Ps: Check these mags out, especially the really old school ones. The articles and especially the photography is just so astonishing.
Peace, Dwalk.


Choose your own adventure!

Today was a Marvelous day.

Dee and I made our way to the city this morning to see the Awesome Lawrence Leung. We got to QVB quite late but it was fine as he was still there. Micheal was already there and was kind enough to purchase the DVD for us so we got a 'push-in-pass' from him. It was very strange seeing Lawrence in 'real life'. It always feels weird to me seeing people in the flesh, it seems as though whats happeneing isnt real and unbelievable. So we got photos with him and he signed the DVD. We had a short but sweet exchange of words that went a little something like this:

Us: OMG Hi how are you?
Him: How are you girls?
Us: Ohh good
Him: Thanks for supporting the show
Us: Thanks for making an awesome show
Him: Awww *smiles*

He was so cute. We then 'peace' posed with him. This show that he has created is not just hilarious but inspiring too. It just makes you want to do anything that you've ever wanted to do. Who cares what people think as long as your being yourself and having a mad time then its all worth it. Oh i so wish he was my friend.

I also purchased the 'We can be heroes' DVD which I've been meaning to get for a long time now. Had lunch. Walked down Oxford Street to buy a Tee for Zozzy. Couldn't find the damn store. Walked back to George St. Bought a tartan blazer and a trench coat for Melbourne and that, as it will be cold-ness.

So tired right now. Got the day off tomorow. This weekend is my first weekend off in a long time. I'm so happy because I'll be able to sleep in and i finally get the opportunity to watch video clips on RAGE. And yes theres YouTube but I'm so not bothered. I don't like spending long hours searching and whatever. I wanna curl up on the couch and be entertained.



Good Morning Sunshine.

Woke up 20 minutes ago. Slept over at nz. It was quite comfortable. Nora gave me the whole bed. Getting ready soon to go see Lawrence Leung at the QVB store in the City. He is doing a DVD signing, how exciting. Will blog later tonight about my day yesterday which was quite 'full on' and we'll see how today goes.

you need to get up and get out.



wake up mr west mr west.


I noticed the most bizarre of things today. I was strutting in the stores when i came in contact or perhaps 'rubbed shoulders' with manikins. Hood and i were having a discussion about all the troubles they deal with like getting their hair crimped and getting tans or like they may lose certain body parts (hands) . It is utterly weird i think. Just look at the manikins at your store and you will laugh. We also finally purchased John Legend's album (evolver) and i am excited to listen to it.

I didn't take the honour to tell you what 'paintshop' was all about yesterday so i will tell you now.

Paintshop is a small business which i have started. I do these special and very exclusive paint production where you can be placed near your favourite person ie. celebrity. It is quite the Fantastic. Oh and 'its paint shop with a D'.

I am currently soothing my ears to Kayne's album 'Late Registration'. He is just so wonderful and i admire his creativity and lyrics and music and stylisation shoes and everything. I wish i had Yeezy's wardrobe, that would be astounding. I created a paint shop of Kayne and i which you will have the pleasure of viewing right about now. My arm does look quite unusual and long i know.

peace, Dwalk.


My state of mind is all bizarrre.

The stars are out, the sky is sleeping and i am skating the www while my ears are being yelled at by the action in the film, which pa is viewing. There is always a certain song which seems to ring in my ear, and i may mistakenly sing in a conversation. It is utterly Bizarre when i use my vocals to sing the song as i am of the XX gene. The song is titled "Girls" by Walter Meego, check it.

I feel the urge to paint during the night a lot, i don't know if its like a genetic thing that my great great grandfather had or if its just for i am wanting to do it, but the night-time is the breach of my creativity, the time when what ever is on my mind is drawn painted or spoken in colour and not just an image in my mind floating around and minding its own thing. I should stay on and complete my art theory, though in the mean time i will showcase to you the art of 'Paintshop'.

Nora i apologise for using your paintshop image, dont be humiliated as your talent is 'being cool'.


Where is the Love?

I had to post this separately cos its pretty special.
I don't know why i love it so much, its probably because its like the worlds anthem. Whenever stuff happens in the world, you can just listen to this and it'll just make everything feel small and not important.




ps. I am the heart that is pumping oxygen through this blog, dwalk and mo-an are in the room laughing like children ahaha well they are children.

'Mental that one'

Gosh i just finished watching 'the mentalist' which i have to say is probably one of the greatest shows on telly right now. That Simon Baker is something special and he's Australian! I mean not that im one of those 'Full proud aussie pat-you-on-the-shoulder kinda person' but its cool. Every single episode grabs you, spins you around and then puts you gently on the ground.





The first day of our address-less Blog. Dwalk and I are quite cut that hidefintion has to be spelt with two 'i's instead of the planned one 'i'. We hope that the people who have our address return it to us immediately so that we are able to blog like we've never blogged!

This is her.
This is me.
This is us.