Poetic justice.

Our dear bro/bruv/brethren decided to share his poetic side with us just recently and dayum its killing me. I told him he should rap but he replied ‘i dunno if i do the rapping scene’. I am so happy to know a brother who can create goodness with his literature. I present to y’all, the viewing public a poem which left me in utter admiration. More to come from the sir that i shall share with you all.

Peace by piece
What’s wrong with the world baba gee,
Every corner I turn, I see
Souls drowned in animosity.
Family break downs and disunity
Have become the pillars of modern society
Why can’t people see with a sense of clarity, what should and shouldn’t be
We are all Gods’ children, how could we let this be
Oh baba, baba gee
Guide me.

By: Zain Anjam

Simmer down-D.

Busk it baby.

I am one who appreciates buskers of all junctures. The way they can stay out and just perform for inhabitants Is astonishing. There are many buskers but there are only one group which impress me. If you have strolled in the city during the night you will know who I am speaking about. These buskers are only the most superb buskers your ears will take pleasure in hearing.

I discovered them a while back and was amazed by the musical goodness they delivered to the passing brothers and sisters. It was the ‘Viva La Vida’ performance which alarmed thy self. The way they could sing the chorus then pick up the violins Just in time for the bridging part was seriously an epic scene. These guys are stadium status I think. The mix of alternative tracks they perform every night near the ‘Hype DC’ store makes me feel blissful and G double O D good.

We were lucky enough to be venturing in the city streets last night as we had great pleasure in shooting some snaps of them for your viewing pleasures. I do believe however that an image for your eyes won’t deliver what they do each night they play. If your out in town you should seriously check them out. You will be left wordless like when you go to a live concert. Oh and we were so high off the pleasant sounding music that we forgot to get their names. For now they are the legendary buskers outside 'Hype DC' sneaker store.

Simmer Down-D.


Discovered this site recently and thought it would only be fair to share it with y'all. It's like an online hiphop magazine filled with goodness. I highly recommmend that y'all check it as it is worth the viewing.
Simmer down-D