Creature Features.

Check it. So a couple of weeks ago i was on my way to work and i happen to notice this fine fella walking in front of me. i think i liked what he was wearing and that's what caught my attention. I didn't get to see his face properly. But from his side or should i say 'profile' i remember thinking

'oh my god he looks like that kid from Blue water High'

He was wearing a 'General Pants Co.' lanyard and so i knew wear he worked. Anyways over the past few weeks Ive been window shopping past General Pants to see if he has been working. And not in some creepy stalkerish way. I'm at easties all the time and i shop on my breaks so yeah. So the thing is i haven't seen him since the frst time i saw him.

Today i was working til 1 o'clock and since its stocktake sale time i was passing general pants and popped in to see if they had anything, totally forgot about the guy. There was a good song playing, couldn't remember any of the lyrics and guess who was there? Him. And i was like Damn because i saw his face properly and then something else clicked. He looked so familiar, as familiar as the guy from blue water high. He was wearing such nice clothes too. I had to stop myself from staring. You know when you see a 'celebrity' you don't want to make it obvious that you know who they are especially when he's from a show like Blue water high and Creature Features (Muna watches it) its kind of embarrassing.

Just got home from work and googled him. His name is Adam Saunders and he looks ten times better in 'real' life than he does in this photo.


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