Dazed and Battered.

The day had approached me with a ‘boom crack clash wishhh cack’ sort of manner accompanied by some flashing lights. It was moist and frosty on the outside and I was craving for some tea. I was not trying to join captain planet and the planeteers but instead my mother with her poor gardening abilities. After being dazed and confused by the thunder that stroke during the day I had never been so keen to attend to my exam. It was not the exam I was eager to meet but instead the mother of all nature. She had provided me with rain, hail, thunder, sunshine and a sand storm during these 300 days of mayhem and I was eager to rub shoulders or might I say the experience she was about to provide me with. I stepped outside the door high off of the breeze and music that was resting in my mem-brain. I rapped cheerfully as I strolled to public transport. The wind combined with rain was bashing me from all angles. That only made me HI-gher so I stood and accepted the way I was being treated. I crossed the very long road and that’s when I realized how much I appreciated the rain. I held my umbrella very closely and strongly as I prayed it would not break. The experience caused the traffic to stop and stare. A surge of wind battered my umbrella as it did my arms. I laughed hysterically at the outcome and my struggle to stay dry. I hope the experience made the viewers morning or perhaps their Monday, maybe even their week or year. I find that the best adventures you undertake are during the wet days. I hate it when people talk about the weather like it’s the girl next door. Abusing it with the foul use of words. It disgusts me that certain people in society think so appallingly of the weather. I say embrace it, forget your umbrella at home and rinse your selves in Mother Nature’s goodness.

Lately- Graduation

Apologies for the lack in posts and life on the blog. This past October month has been very crazy or might I say loco. The year has been so surreal and has sped past our eyes before you can say 'hi-definition'. I must admit i like it being eventful but sometimes i need to rest. Graduation occured meaning my life has just begun, or they say so. My life as well as reality have met prior to this exhilarating ceremony. Graduating for me means that I can finally attend to projects and live life as an adult not an adolescent. I will miss having that structure that the schooling years brought about but I am also ready to make hi-def happen as well as other secret projects. I don't want to make this sound like a thank you speech but rather a shout out to things that helped me cope through this loco filled year. A shout out to the fam-a-lam, The class of '09' and of course Kanye for providing me with the musical goodness through his educational themed albums. Love and appreciate all of you good people.
My head as well as many other class mates’ heads have literally been stuck in textbooks whilst our hands have been taking note of the year’s educational substances. Examinations have approached and hood and I have had no time to provide you with hi-definition viewing like we should. I would thoroughly enjoy singing ‘Guess who’s back in the house, with a bunch of souvenirs and a smile for you mouth… ’ (Lupe Fiasco’s Paris Tokyo) however I still have two more exams left to keep me company as well as concerts and natures calling. We are going to see WuTangClan as well as Nas in this coming week so be sure to keep your eyes on the lookout as we will keep you posted about the occurrences of those nights. Normal coverage will proceed as soon as this crazyyyyyyyyy (pronounce in a LilJon manner) week is done and did with.
Simmer Down-D

Enjoy the imagery of the final days of schooling.


Monday Marauder.

I was not on a quest to seize anything really, perhaps Mon the day. I was dreaming pleasantly when I was dazed by a sistrens voice telling me it was 12pm. I just wanted to finish the last chapter of my dream so I could put it into my dream sleeve. For those viewers who are unsure, the sleeve is something I place my dreams into after they have been retold onto paper. I was driven to do nothing today, I just wanted to photograph and experience the thrills of thunder and rain. A few hours had past and my quest towards the indefinite was well on its way towards nothing. I was not bored just lethargic. After a few hours of self convincing I decided it was time to exit the door and take my company along. I strutted out the door without an umbrella for protection. I have to admit, I was worried and I’m not sure why. With ‘pursuit of happiness’ (kidcudi) lyrics emerging out of my mouth and my shirt covering my camera bag I walked and became saturated. It felt good though. The rain, the thunder, the thrill. The streets were empty, I felt like I was the only one at natures party. More homo sapiens need to get up get out and get something. The rain isn’t really that terrible.

Simmer Down-D


Life Letter- haemoglobin

My nose could only smell the likes of chalk and the sky was red. Nature had some fn and added a new colour to the skies blue appearance. Here is an extract from a letter i wrote at the time of this bittersweet moment.

‘My nostrils flare at the sight of the microscopic dust particles towering the atmosphere. The habitat looks like a desert. Red patches of chalk odored sand impel into my pupils. The soles of my black chucks are evolving into a bloody tint. I feel like this is the start of my ‘National Geographic’ photographic career. The opaque skies create a façade to the sun’s few rays. The sun is a projector and the weather is the sheet of laminate. It is a perfect time to photograph, nature at its purest. I wouldn’t call it a disaster, more a major mass of human inhabitants left to be jailed in their cribs. A disaster to ones senses perhaps but to my lenses this is amazing.’

Simmer down-D


Through my lens- infants.

The kids were over recently so i took some time out from my busy schedule to photograph them. They enlighted the atmosphere and are just so beautiful. Enjoy the imagery.



Music for your earholes so you can clean them shits out.

I had to experience a very maddening incident today. I know it may seem foolish of me to be complaining about such a topic but when it involves this line “shorty fire burning” and little boys then please excuse me.

There are only two exceptions for playing your music for the rest of the world to hear:
1. If you are in some deserted area where no-one can hear it.
2. Your at some sort of party.

Now I shall speak to you about the event I had to witness today whilst schooling it. I was on the bus this morning when a bunch of wack ass school boys started playing Sean Kingston's’s ‘Fire Burning’. First of all it was a public bus with not only public citizens but might I mention elderly passengers too. Like honestly do you really think that blasting your speakers to ‘shawty fire burning” will actually get the seniors grinding on the floor and calling 911? It was just so absurdly rude and disgusting. I am one that respects an individuals choices in musical pleasures but please just plug it. No one needs to witness such a thing with their ears. By all means don’t fear as I am here and i found a fresh pair of headphones that I assure will not only make your ears look dope but will allow you to enjoy your music while travelling on transport. Enjoy your own tunes.
Simmer down-D

The Alp Horn Headphones By WeSC


State of mind.

You know those days where something bad happens. A fight over nothing, well something. But something stupid, not even worth it. A situation that arises from nowhere. Your angry but you don't want to let it get to you. You try to ignore it. Block the sound but before you know it your eyes are filling with tears. These tears are not tears from today but from a build up of emotion from a long period of time. You push back the tears because it makes you feel weak inside to allow them to fall.

But unwillingly they fall and you let them.

'Take me away from here
Take me somewhere where love is like breathing
I don't care where we go as long as
I'm there with you baby..'




GZA at Metro Theatre. I was excited all week. Finally some real hip hop in Australia. i missed the feeling of being at a concert/gig and seeing someone perform live. Its so worth it, nothing compares. Apart from me and Nora being pretty much the only girls there it was incredible. The atmosphere was just so alive. He came out and ripped the stage, i was pretty much standing, just staring in awe. The way he is with words amazes me. You have got to listen to some of his tracks. He's been around for a long time (WuTang) so he knows what he's doing. Great night.