GZA at Metro Theatre. I was excited all week. Finally some real hip hop in Australia. i missed the feeling of being at a concert/gig and seeing someone perform live. Its so worth it, nothing compares. Apart from me and Nora being pretty much the only girls there it was incredible. The atmosphere was just so alive. He came out and ripped the stage, i was pretty much standing, just staring in awe. The way he is with words amazes me. You have got to listen to some of his tracks. He's been around for a long time (WuTang) so he knows what he's doing. Great night.


Get a hold.

Just a bunch of stuff i kind of want but don't need now. I've been working so much lately and I'm quite over it, may as well spoil myself. Money is just money after all.


1. Kid Cudi: I love you.

2. Cupcakes: nom nom nom..

3. Ipod nano: The new one can record videos! Damn you apple for always getting bigger and better.

4. Gucci Bicycle: This costs like so much but i love the shape of it. Any bike would do, really.

5. Siren shoes 'Cubic': These are insane and i would like them on my feet.

6. Denim shirt: Preferably by Levis because they know their denim.

7. Billion Boys Club Jumper: I know, winter is over but this just looks too good.


Nora and i had the amazing opportunity to shoot two of our good friends from SWAGG a couple of weeks ago. Anr Drekz the International Editor and his lovely girl Caramelized Kimchi aka Julia Lee. Despite the bad weather that day we found an awesome little place near by and we managed to get some 'money shots' aha. It was such a great experience. To Julia and Demian thank you for allowing us to do it. You guys look dope!

Be sure to check out the SWAGG site: http://www.swaggnews.com/



Nothing but your tee shirt on.

A night filled with wackness, strawberries, mexicana doritos and what have you not. It took us a precise four hours of dedication to make our official and first HI-DEFINITION tee of a shirt. It's our first and there will definitely be more to come for hi-def (brand wise). Hope you enjoy the appearance of the shirt as much as we did making it. Hidef apparel is well on it's way to becoming a brand. Drop a comment and let us know what you think.
Enjoy it Ladies and Fellas. a

Simmer Down-D.