This Kid is Sick. A french street artist that has no boundaries. Zevs has been doing what he calls 'proper graffiti' since the beginning of the 00's. Street artists are the Real artists of this world. everything they create is raw and individual. More of these artists need to be recognised. Theres not much else i can say, Just look at what he does. And please check out the website, totally worth your five minutes! (Watch it load)




A few weeks after Micheals passing Dee and i were passing through the city and noticed a small crowd gathered in the middle of Martin Place. It was one of the most beautiful things i had ever experienced. People had randomly got together, playing all there favourite MJ tracks and were just singing and dancing carefreely. It was a very emotional tribute especially when the crowd linked arms and sang along to 'heal the world'. Very overwhelming feeling to see how one man can have such an impact on so many people.

Micheal Jackson is Legendary and no matter what the media says about his private life what he 'did' the only thing we can be a judge of is his music. And he made some damn good music. Everything else should not matter. Rest in Peace.



Wow a lot has happened since i last blogged. Its been a while since i last blogged, approximately a month. It would take a while for me to fill you in so I'll use keywords: University Holidays, Work, Melbourne, Shopping, School holidays, Family, Friends, Birthday. All a bit crazy really. But everything is slowly simmering down now as routine life kicks in.

Holidays were amazing. Went to Melbourne for a week. It was such an experience! I'll post a separate blog with images soon. Lets just say it was very interesting.

Speaking of interesting, SLR's are pretty interesting. Dee and I finally bought one. It probably the best purchase I've ever made. I've been experimenting with it quite alot lately, the photos it takes are amazing!

Oh my I've got so much to blog about. New brands, New inspiration, New images, New designs. So much the world needs to see and we're going to show it! Especially with young people. Young people need to be given more credit, So many talented people out there that are shining and yes Power to the People. Ok so I'm not sure what I'm saying anymore, i think I'm getting excited because i need to blog. I'm just feeling really motivated and happy. You'll understand when you see.

'My eyes a camera..
My ears a microphone'