Studying at the 'Library'.

If anyone ever says this to you, don't believe them. Going to the library is statement used quite commonly among young adults to disguise the fact that they are going out with friends to chill and talk and do absolutely everything BUT study.

Worked today. They called me in the morning whilst i was in a deep sleep. I was having a very intense dream except i cant remember a thing. And i try real hard but i get nothing. I hate that. Anyways work woke me up and it made me angry. What made it worse though was they put me in homewares. I hate that department, its boring and slow.

Lemrat and Aysha Bear dropped by in the arvo. They spent some time in Myer doing god knows what. Our store is so small they got a bit excited. Finished round 4.30 and then went on a shopping spree at Kmart with Lemrat. We then went to the 'library' to wait for aysha to finish her shift. Phoebe Keen was there, sat in the kids corner playing children's trivial pursuit and eating food. Did some grocery shopping at Coles and that's about it.

Good Day.


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