You know those days where you wake up and you're struggling to put an outfit together? The image in your head looks pleasant but once you put it all on its not all you imagined and so your running around like mad trying to find this and that and changing into a gazillion things just so you can have a few items that 'go' together. Time is running by and you start panicking and even start contemplating the idea of not leaving the house because its taking to much effort.

You finally have something on and its not because it looks good but because you cant be stuffed anymore. The room is a mess, clothes are scattered all over the floor. You leave and your out of the house and see the world only to realise that you look like crap. you want to run home but its too late now. You pray you get to where you have to go without seeing a single familiar face. The whole time thinking about another outfit that you could have and should have worn. Damn.

That's how i felt today. Just thought I'd let you know.

If only dressing was this easy. If only i were a guy.


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