Life Letters; Stress

Alot of people close to me have been feeling quite stressed and down lately. To be honest its frustrating seeing them like this. I hate stress and i hate how people let it rule they're lives. People always call me crazy and say 'Damn Huda your so chilled..' Well something along those lines. The only reason for this is because i don't care about stress. I'm not friends with it. Its been a while now but there's always one thing that's constantly on my mind. You want to know what that is? its death. I bet i sounded suicidal just then, trust me i am in no way thinking of killing myself and leaving this good life. People who know me would know this very well :)

One day we are all going to die and pretty much leave this thing called 'life' behind. Using that idea i prioritise everything in my life. I think about things that are going on this every second and then i decide whether me stressing or worrying over it is really worth it or not. Just take two seconds of your time and say to yourself will i be reacting the same way in a few hours or so? Am i exaggerating the situation? It totally changes your perception on the things that are important and the things that aren't so. I've seen way too many people waste time worrying and panicking about the little things in their life that at the end of the day really don't change anything. For example. HSC students worrying about the HSC, Uni students worrying about Uni, People worrying about what she said and he said. The list is pretty much endless. People will pick anything and make a big deal out of it. Thinking about the end makes you appreciate life now. Its too damn short and unpredictable.When we leave what we and people will remember is how we lived as a whole not all the tiny pieces. The bad times will be there too but its your choice now to make it not matter. Anything can happen, things will be thrown at you, challenges, obstacles but that's the beauty of it. How you can stand up, smile and keep going. We're all in this together.

Don't think about things too much. Go with the flow, take each day is it comes. Be easy.

So next time you're around me, please don't stress. Life is good..otherwise i might have to break into this lecture aha. Oh my i sound like a preacher.

'Get busy Living or get busy Dying'


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