The Cave Of The Yellow Dog

I was up and awake last night for absolutely no reason, but I am glad I was roaming through the channels as I came into contact with a film that was so calming and pleasant to my eyes. Foreign films with no plot and with commentary are golden. This film was set in Mongolia and composed by director Byambasuren Davaa . It strictly delineates simplicity and that’s why I could'nt blink as I did not want to miss a second of the blissful scenery. My state of mind and emotion was all very calm whilst watching the film. The graceful nature of the film and of course the very real people just made you want to suck the marrow out of life. They lived in essence of their atmosphere and they were very humble, a trait many inhabitants of the Earth seem to dismiss. Y’all should check it, It is so worth the viewing.

Simmer down, D.

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