No One On The Corner Have Swagger Like Us.

Saturday night was CRAZY. Got ready by like eight thirty. I called Phoebe up and made her come with although rnb music is not her cup of tea. I love dancing with her, she has an awesome style. Anyways we drove to the City, parked outside St James and chilled in the bar till it started. We were the first ones there. Meet up with the the rest of the Gang: Sabina, Krystle, Yves, Kathrine and off course the beautifull birthday girl: Sarelle. Everyone looked pretty.

Danced Danced Danced the night away. I was on such a high that night just from happiness i don't remember much. All i can say is that i had a great night with some great people that i love hanging with. Oh and i cant believe Sarelle got a photo of the bartender :)

Sunday was quiet. Worked all day got home watched a bit of telly and then slept.

Monday was very much the same. I only had a four hour shift at work. Went shopping afterwards, bought some cute gumboots for the kids except i think i got all the sizes wrong.


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