Dont you know im loco.

Wow it has been a long while since i have typed. I have just been so busy with school and art and trying to work with my old school camera. Life is loco but i like it like that. I will briefly type about my week:

Monday-I stayed home and watched Ellen the view alongside all the other daytime TV programs. I want to go to America and like go to all those shows, that would be very splendid.

Tuesday-Double bio meaning two hours of copying 50million overheads. By the end of the day my fingers were dancing.

Wednesday-I should have stayed back to do some art but it was freezing and i was tired. The kids were over and they are the coolest kids around. They make me smile.

Thursday- Today was like woah.Went to the zoo to study the chimpanzees for bio which was so
weird. I feel so sorry for those animals. Life seems so Boring for them, they knew we were watching them so i tried not to look. I was thinking about my childhood dream thereafter, how I've always wanted to go to the rain forest to explore and photograph the green atmosphere and take a woop of the fresh air.Its so beautiful. Came home in the afternoon and slept for 10minutes. I then dressed up and went to the mall with hoodrat to finally search for glasses. Although huda was a bit resistant to go i made her come as she knows everything about which specs suit my face. Glasses bras and jeans are always the hardest things to shop for but i found a pair of fresh RayBan's that are classical, now I've got to find the colour i want them in.

Friday-Photo day is happening and all the girls are going loco. Its our last school photo day so i understand but as much as everyone tries to look their best there is always something bad. What i didn't understand though was the juniors. I went to the bathroom and was in shock, someone had snipped a massive chunk of hair off their head. It was so disturbing to look at, like seriously who does that. I thought to myself about that superstitious thing about how if you step on someones hair they get a head ache, but i didn't do it. Like seriously hairdressers exist on our planet E for a reason. Going to an all girls school can be annoying sometimes.

Later on in the day i went to Nora and Zahra's crib where we hanged. Nora was eating all the mandarins and laughing at my finger reflex popping. Zahra was skating the www and dancing to her favourite songs.

Today is Saturday and i have done nothing. Sometimes its good to do nothing. I tried to sleep in the noon but these little girls were sitting outside our respective crib and inappropriately giggling and yelling absurd things. I knew the girls so i told them to shut up and they ran away and thank the lord for that because i managed to sleep for 2 hours and dream. I don't know what to do tonight but i do feel like coffee and cheesecake.

Shout out to zen: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEN! May you always be happy.

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