Class started two hours ago. Oh am I late?

University yesterday. Final day of first semester 09. You know what that means? Holidays! And you know what holidays mean? Melbourne. Oh i am so excited. But yes it was quite full on the last lecture. Wrote down a whole bunch of stuff i barely understand. There was a girl though sitting in front of me who was drawing the whole three hours. It was quite bizarre what she was drawing. she kept writing 'Hope is Here' in bubble writing all over her pages and colouring it in with a black marker. I don't think she looked up once, she was really into it. And then she started drawing stained glass windows and doves. Micheal and I came to the conclusion she was one of those 'Hillsong camp youths'. I don't get it. Why the hell waste three hours of your day sitting in lecture your not even interested in? i mean go home and...pray.

I'm really annoyed at a certain someone. What the hell is wrong with you, why push away the people that care about you for no apparent reason and hold your nose up at us as though we've done something wrong. Screw you and the little world you live alone in.
Harsh i know, but this isn't out of the blue. This is a build up of emotion (over months) and i want to, need to vent it. This person is going to be one of those people that don't appreciate what they got till its gone..'

Onto a more positive note. Lets talk clothes. I don't have enough. came across the brand Barkins when i went DFO shopping with Anjam and LeemLeem. Its got some really nice stuff and for not that much aswell. They have a store in the city apparently. I'm going. These are some of my favourites.
Belted Crepe Dress SALE 39.95
Drape Waist Coat 34.95
Echo Print Shirt 29.95
Printed Splatter Skirt 39.95
Mailman Satchel 39.95

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