Dazed and Battered.

The day had approached me with a ‘boom crack clash wishhh cack’ sort of manner accompanied by some flashing lights. It was moist and frosty on the outside and I was craving for some tea. I was not trying to join captain planet and the planeteers but instead my mother with her poor gardening abilities. After being dazed and confused by the thunder that stroke during the day I had never been so keen to attend to my exam. It was not the exam I was eager to meet but instead the mother of all nature. She had provided me with rain, hail, thunder, sunshine and a sand storm during these 300 days of mayhem and I was eager to rub shoulders or might I say the experience she was about to provide me with. I stepped outside the door high off of the breeze and music that was resting in my mem-brain. I rapped cheerfully as I strolled to public transport. The wind combined with rain was bashing me from all angles. That only made me HI-gher so I stood and accepted the way I was being treated. I crossed the very long road and that’s when I realized how much I appreciated the rain. I held my umbrella very closely and strongly as I prayed it would not break. The experience caused the traffic to stop and stare. A surge of wind battered my umbrella as it did my arms. I laughed hysterically at the outcome and my struggle to stay dry. I hope the experience made the viewers morning or perhaps their Monday, maybe even their week or year. I find that the best adventures you undertake are during the wet days. I hate it when people talk about the weather like it’s the girl next door. Abusing it with the foul use of words. It disgusts me that certain people in society think so appallingly of the weather. I say embrace it, forget your umbrella at home and rinse your selves in Mother Nature’s goodness.

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