Monday Marauder.

I was not on a quest to seize anything really, perhaps Mon the day. I was dreaming pleasantly when I was dazed by a sistrens voice telling me it was 12pm. I just wanted to finish the last chapter of my dream so I could put it into my dream sleeve. For those viewers who are unsure, the sleeve is something I place my dreams into after they have been retold onto paper. I was driven to do nothing today, I just wanted to photograph and experience the thrills of thunder and rain. A few hours had past and my quest towards the indefinite was well on its way towards nothing. I was not bored just lethargic. After a few hours of self convincing I decided it was time to exit the door and take my company along. I strutted out the door without an umbrella for protection. I have to admit, I was worried and I’m not sure why. With ‘pursuit of happiness’ (kidcudi) lyrics emerging out of my mouth and my shirt covering my camera bag I walked and became saturated. It felt good though. The rain, the thunder, the thrill. The streets were empty, I felt like I was the only one at natures party. More homo sapiens need to get up get out and get something. The rain isn’t really that terrible.

Simmer Down-D


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  2. lovely thing to do and i like the colour tone of the pictures

  3. Another brilliant blog, diggin the photos.

  4. loveeeeeeeeee the photos !!!
    got skills =]