Life Letter- haemoglobin

My nose could only smell the likes of chalk and the sky was red. Nature had some fn and added a new colour to the skies blue appearance. Here is an extract from a letter i wrote at the time of this bittersweet moment.

‘My nostrils flare at the sight of the microscopic dust particles towering the atmosphere. The habitat looks like a desert. Red patches of chalk odored sand impel into my pupils. The soles of my black chucks are evolving into a bloody tint. I feel like this is the start of my ‘National Geographic’ photographic career. The opaque skies create a façade to the sun’s few rays. The sun is a projector and the weather is the sheet of laminate. It is a perfect time to photograph, nature at its purest. I wouldn’t call it a disaster, more a major mass of human inhabitants left to be jailed in their cribs. A disaster to ones senses perhaps but to my lenses this is amazing.’

Simmer down-D

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