wake up mr west mr west.


I noticed the most bizarre of things today. I was strutting in the stores when i came in contact or perhaps 'rubbed shoulders' with manikins. Hood and i were having a discussion about all the troubles they deal with like getting their hair crimped and getting tans or like they may lose certain body parts (hands) . It is utterly weird i think. Just look at the manikins at your store and you will laugh. We also finally purchased John Legend's album (evolver) and i am excited to listen to it.

I didn't take the honour to tell you what 'paintshop' was all about yesterday so i will tell you now.

Paintshop is a small business which i have started. I do these special and very exclusive paint production where you can be placed near your favourite person ie. celebrity. It is quite the Fantastic. Oh and 'its paint shop with a D'.

I am currently soothing my ears to Kayne's album 'Late Registration'. He is just so wonderful and i admire his creativity and lyrics and music and stylisation shoes and everything. I wish i had Yeezy's wardrobe, that would be astounding. I created a paint shop of Kayne and i which you will have the pleasure of viewing right about now. My arm does look quite unusual and long i know.

peace, Dwalk.

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