My state of mind is all bizarrre.

The stars are out, the sky is sleeping and i am skating the www while my ears are being yelled at by the action in the film, which pa is viewing. There is always a certain song which seems to ring in my ear, and i may mistakenly sing in a conversation. It is utterly Bizarre when i use my vocals to sing the song as i am of the XX gene. The song is titled "Girls" by Walter Meego, check it.

I feel the urge to paint during the night a lot, i don't know if its like a genetic thing that my great great grandfather had or if its just for i am wanting to do it, but the night-time is the breach of my creativity, the time when what ever is on my mind is drawn painted or spoken in colour and not just an image in my mind floating around and minding its own thing. I should stay on and complete my art theory, though in the mean time i will showcase to you the art of 'Paintshop'.

Nora i apologise for using your paintshop image, dont be humiliated as your talent is 'being cool'.


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