Nothing but your tee shirt on.

A night filled with wackness, strawberries, mexicana doritos and what have you not. It took us a precise four hours of dedication to make our official and first HI-DEFINITION tee of a shirt. It's our first and there will definitely be more to come for hi-def (brand wise). Hope you enjoy the appearance of the shirt as much as we did making it. Hidef apparel is well on it's way to becoming a brand. Drop a comment and let us know what you think.
Enjoy it Ladies and Fellas. a

Simmer Down-D.


  1. Ladies you have done it again...AMAZED ME WITH YOUR SKILLS. I wish you all the best because you guys deserve it! HOT bang, its banging Hood and Dee you always enlighten the screen.
    Keep those designs coming.

    Love MissTrinny