Poetic justice.

Our dear bro/bruv/brethren decided to share his poetic side with us just recently and dayum its killing me. I told him he should rap but he replied ‘i dunno if i do the rapping scene’. I am so happy to know a brother who can create goodness with his literature. I present to y’all, the viewing public a poem which left me in utter admiration. More to come from the sir that i shall share with you all.

Peace by piece
What’s wrong with the world baba gee,
Every corner I turn, I see
Souls drowned in animosity.
Family break downs and disunity
Have become the pillars of modern society
Why can’t people see with a sense of clarity, what should and shouldn’t be
We are all Gods’ children, how could we let this be
Oh baba, baba gee
Guide me.

By: Zain Anjam

Simmer down-D.

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