Get a hold.

Just a bunch of stuff i kind of want but don't need now. I've been working so much lately and I'm quite over it, may as well spoil myself. Money is just money after all.


1. Kid Cudi: I love you.

2. Cupcakes: nom nom nom..

3. Ipod nano: The new one can record videos! Damn you apple for always getting bigger and better.

4. Gucci Bicycle: This costs like so much but i love the shape of it. Any bike would do, really.

5. Siren shoes 'Cubic': These are insane and i would like them on my feet.

6. Denim shirt: Preferably by Levis because they know their denim.

7. Billion Boys Club Jumper: I know, winter is over but this just looks too good.

1 comment:

  1. I hav got to get a hold of cudder and those heels...oh dayum girl you got ya girl sweating...HOT HOT HOT.