Ramadan has begun and is in full swing. This one month a year that it happens is very special to my family and i aswell as all Muslim's around the world. It really brings everyone together and makes you appreciate everything you have in your life, not just food but family and friends, a home, life. I just feel good about everything during Ramadan.

The Anjam family were kind enough to invite us over for Iftar on Sunday. Hoolz (mussie for a day), Muna and i headed over there in the early hours of the morning. I couldn't contain my excitement. It was also my first time seeing the new pad since the move to Padstow. Its such a beautiful home they have and such a beautiful family they are. Stepping inside made me think about moving to place like that. Being surrounded by nature and sun. I felt so warm that day not just because it was hot but deep inside you know.

Zainy was quite eager to take us to 'The Creek' which he has been advertising for some time. We headed out to it. There were so many trees it was unbelievable. It looked like we were in a rainforest or something. And then there it was.. such an amazing view! My breath was taken away, literally. Sat for a while chilling and chatting, taking photos, throwing stones into the water, calling ducks, feeding ducks, leaving ducks.

Shortly after we got back family and friends started arriving and before we knew it, it was eating time. The amount of food we had was ridiculous. Everyone had also brought a platter of some sort on top of the food Mumma Anjam had cooked. Ate ate ate till we were stuffed. Watched two minutes of a few movies. Laughed, relaxed, enjoyed everyone's company. Smiles all round.

Thankyou Anjams for a fabulous day
Love you all with my heart and more..


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  1. Aww Babs it was great having you guys over!
    Glad you enjoyed it, and you better be over again real soon!