Stacks on.

Goodnight and hello.

It has been a time and a half since i have been on the www.
Well what have i been doing you may ask.

Wednesday was very woah for me. I went to watch a production of Hamlet aka MC HAM-let at the Bondi Pavilion which i found with the help of juju the street directory lady aka wannabe. It was great though i was late and ended up sitting next to some random ladies. I laughed alone as the Hamlets dads ghost said 'come hither' and thought of mikko and her giggles at this part. The silio's were quite the lengthy though Gertrude was cute. I particularly am reminded of the 15 minutes during the break in which Tashi commented on the grab-bage of Ophelia's beep, Quote:'It was like a full on Micheal Jackson grab'. thank you for making me laugh.
The night finally ended and i was joined by Ling (still has bling) and Lucie (in the sky with diamonds) on a chilling walk through Bondi Beach and past a restaurant which was made for Lucie's ears. She was humming to her favourite jazz beats and broke out into 'Viva la Vida' at one point.It was a pleasant night and was very chilled.

Thursday was lovely. I finally loaded my camera up with film so i can get photographing and had art. It was a very long day up until the Moon shined its light upon us. I decided to go to the city with Nora Zahra and Huda to do some shopping and search for specs for my eyes. We visited Espionage to see the 'Air Yeezy's', but the only ones we saw were the ones on the gentleman's feet. We were in oar and amazed by them as they are very exclusive and designed by Kanye. We didn't get a pair of yeezy's though we did score the billboard which we had to hold around the city. It is very large approximately 3m long but we snapped it so it was like 1.5m short.Thank you Espionage boy for giving it to us, muchly appreciated. We strolled through the street lights of the city and passed by many cute buskers.
To the 3 near the hype store singing 'Viva la Vida, the fray and three doors down' thank you for lighting up the streets and being cute.
To the Jamaican near the steps near George street in front of town Hall station, well thank you for strumming your guitar and looking at me as you were very fine looking (multi tasker).

Fried day was very slow. Nora Huda and i went to an art festival and Nora bought a skull aka Hamlet skull style badge and wore it on her beanie.The people were so relaxed and it was a great atmosphere to be in. We trained it to central and grabbed some coffee and cake and chatted. The male working there was wearing glasses which my eyes were staring at. They are Ray Bans and squared but very simple. We went to the B-stop with annoying songs stuck in our minds. The bus arrived finally and we hopped on. We were so chillaxed and seated. Then we got home. We rung the 'bus stopping' bell and stood up while it was moving. Suddenly i was flying along with Nora to the back door of the bus and banged my head, bum cheek arm onto the hard plastic while stacking like a cheese sandwich on top of Nora. It was so traumatising and woah. Thank you to the wonderful bus commuters aboard the bus who helped us up and to the Asian lady for picking up my phone and for the gentlemen wearing glasses and listening to tunes through large headphones thank you for making me smile.

It was so crazy.

peace dwalk.

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