Official Meeting.

Yesterday was quite a long day. Dee and i spent the whole day 'spring cleaning' the house. You don't realise how much stuff you have till you do something like that. Got rid of a few things, it made me feel good, found alot of things aswell that made me laugh(ie old diary entries, boy band posters).

We finished around 8pm. I know, it took forever and because we had been locked up all day we decided to go to Randwick. Randwick is the best place to chill and chat. Its got awesome places to eat and the atmosphere is just so alive and happening. We took a notebook and pen to discuss ideas and plans for Hi Definition.

We ate at Teascapes whilst jotting down designs and ideas for the store. I'm so excited for this thing to happen and i really think we can make it happen.

After dinner we headed to the bus stop. We waited about 20 minutes and then decided to walk down to Kingsford. Dee though it would be fun to walk through UNSW and so we did. It was very dark and empty but beautiful at the same time. It was only the two of us in this great big space.

It was quite the adventure. Got home around 11. Watched a couple of episodes of 'We can be heroes' and then rage was showing oldschool hiphop videos. Stayed up till 3. Surprisingly i didn't feel tired or sleepy.

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