Blu & Exile.

Last night was, in one word Amazing! Blu and Exile gig at the Civic 'Underground'. Got into Blu couple of years back. His style is on the same level as Lu but with soul and that's what attracted us to his music. Got there at 9, show didn't start till 12-ish. We were VERY surprised to see Blu standing amongst the crowd whilst the preshow Djs performed. He was just chilling and so we took the opportunity to take a few snaps and talk. I was in such awe. Photos do not do this guy justice. So much finer in 'real life'. AHHHHHH I'm on such a high right now. Screamed my heart out when 'Below the Heavens' came on. That is my song! Made alot of eye contact with Blu ;)

Im so happy right now. All the artists we love we've seen live and met. Its like everything is just happening! But where are you..? Common, John Legend, Mos def AND LUPE AND KANYE!

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