We On you Weona.

Today i had a splendid day with my favourite taco in the world: Sanchez. We havent hung out outside of work in a while and since we were both free we decided to. Met Sanchez at around 12ish at Bondi junction. Headed up to Greater Union. I realised i had only been to that Cinema only once. Back in year eleven, we watched a movie about 'Enron' a Company that went down. It was quite funny.

We watched the fast and the furious. OH MA DAYUM that paul walker is something else. He was so fineee i just wanted to eat him. And yes vin deisel was alright too, he looked so big and strong i wanted him to hold me.

Went out to Max Brenner and had some chocloate and strawberrries. It was beautifull. Chatted for a while and relaxed. It was nice to just sit and talk and not do anything like shopping or running around.

I wanted to go to JB HI-FI to purchase a Mos Def album titled 'Mos Definate'. I had been on the look out for a while and was suprised when i found it. Mos Def is a king. Did some window shopping and then went to Borders to kill time as we waited for Zahra to finish work so she could take us home. Found some awesome fashion mags: wonderland and i-d. Sanchez was looking for Harry Potter movies but Borders didnt have them tsk tsk.. Oh im so geed for the next movie 'Harry Potter and the half blood Prince'. It is going to be so good. Im so glad that i gave Harry Potter a chance, i remeber hating it back when it first came out. i was like 'whats the hype about?' i guess i know now.

Cant wait to dance the night away this week with my senorita.
Love you BFFFFF


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