'A heightened state of bewilderment and puzzlement, usually caused by the individual in question not understanding the situation or conversation.'

People confuzzle me. Why cant they be straight up with what they want to say or how they feel. You got people that talk way too much and then you got people that don't talk enough.

Example: Today some crazy lady was having an 'out loud' conversation with herself on the train. Usually i choose to ignore them carry about my business, but when your on a train at 7 in the morning having had no sleep the night before and trying to get some sleep before an exam that your stressing over THEN you don't need that.

Anyways if you want to say something just say it. If you got a problem with me just say it. If I've done something wrong to you then tell me don't give me a 'dirty' every time i walk past and stare expecting that I'll somehow read your mind and apologise. Get over it and get over yourself.

Ouch. I'm whining. I can whine sometimes.

So today i was at university. Had a practical exam kind of thing. Finished just before 12. Went to Parra Westfield. Waited for N/Z to come as they wanted to shop. Didn't buy anything except for a grey/black dress that is awesome. Its an exact replica of a dress i found at Utech only cheaper. Zahra purchased Immortal techniques album and was quite happy about it. Drove home. Slept in the car for a long time. When i woke we still weren't home. I didnt realise how far Parramatta is by car... in peak hour.

Was pretty tired when i got home. Decided to paint. Painted something on canvas. Show you later. Apparently on Sunday (that's when the comp. will be fixed.)


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