This post is long overdue. There are two reasons why. Firstly, the minute i landed i had a hundred and one things to do. Secondly, we took a ridiculous amount of photos there. Approximately 3000. Its taken me a while to collect all the photos and pick a few to post. This trip was the first 'holiday' Ive really taken since coming to Australia. Yes, I'm slow but i finally did it and thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm posting my favourite things about my time and the city. Enjoy.


1. Flying
The most incredible feeling ever. I felt so light and care free. Butterflies we're fluttering inside me and i was smiling from joy. Floating amongst the clouds was overwhelming. So beautiful i almost cried. Things like this are amazing!

2. Street Art
It was everywhere. On every corner, in every alley way it could be found. Very creative and very artsy people these Melbourne-ians are! Quite chilled too.

3. Trees
I never noticed how many trees there were. I love the way they look in winter when all the leaves have been lost, creating a silhouette against the sky.

4. After
By far the Best store in Melbourne! I'm so happy we discovered it on our last day there. It had the most amazing things, all hand made and individually crafted. Hamish the guy that worked here was pretty wicked too. Struck up a conversation with him and ended up buying a load of stuff items from him. If your ever down in Melbourne you must go down to this place and check it out. Definitely worth it. Its near Victoria markets. Absolutely loved it. Oh and welcome to the world Baby Thandi :)