Its been lovely lately. The sun has been up alot and that has immediately made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Its strange how the weather can have a strong influence on the way you're feeling. Life's been skating on. University here, work there, hanging with family and friends everywhere.
I haven't written on the blog in a while and so I'm sitting here trying to. I don't think I'm very good at writing that's why i try to steer away from it. I keep a diary but diaries are different. Diaries are written to yourself and they're in such a way that almost only you can understand them. Blogging is different, when you blog you're writing to others and that's sometimes hard for me to understand. I'm more of a talker. I like having real conversations with people, face to face and in their company. Its more special and more enjoyable. Technology these days does my head in. Its become too much of a way of life. I want to go back in time, back when life was simple.. and easy.

HIDEF update: bought some fabric paint the other day, in a variety of colours. Also purchased some plain black and white tees. I'll hopefully make one or two designs in the next few days. Keep you posted.

Peace and much Love.

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