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Dee and i were both free a couple of days ago which was strange because I'm always working and shes always at school. But anyway this one day we both had nothing to do. Late in the afternoon we decided to head to our local Vinnie's store aka Kingsford to just look for some funky items. i was feeling really creative that day and also the weather was so beautiful. The sun was up after what felt like a really long winter.

Found some really good stuff. Two very old school dresses and a few belts (will blog in due time). I'm a sucker for prints and colour so i love shopping at opp shops and that. I find some of the best things. Anyways after that we decided to grab some coffee and head to the park behind the bus stop to just chill and chat. We entered this small cafe that both Dee and i had never been in. There was only one other lady sitting there. Now this lady was very intriguing. She was kinda mumbling to her self and when she saw us smiled and said 'hello'. The owner of the store was extremely talkative. She started a conversation which included all of us. She spoke of fortune tellers and the 'bullshit' they feed you, artists, people and getting her own way. Aha it was quite strange the way she just randomly was telling us all these things like she was venting at us. All Dee and i wanted was two cups of coffee. I liked it in a way, the fact that she was so open and was just expressing her self to two complete strangers. I'll quote some things that were said by the two ladies:

Owner: 'The other day this fortune teller came into my shop and said give me $200 and i can tell you your future'
Lady: 'So was she a cake fortune teller?'
Owner: *ignoring that comment* 'No, she was bullshit'
Lady: 'So she can tell your fortune from the cake crumbs you leave on a plate? for example..' *holds plate in front of her face* 'Oh look there's a kangaroo!'
Owner: 'who does she think she is coming into my shop and telling me to pay her so much money to tell me my future. If she is so good she wouldn't have this stupid job, she would know the magic numbers..you know?'
Dee and I: 'Lotto..?'
Owner: 'Yes the lotto! she would play it and win and then she wouldn't have to walk around the street asking people for money.. bullshit its all bullshit! And what about the children, all the sick children. Why doesn't she go to a hospital and help them all.. she is bullshit. i never believe it.. no way man'

Dee and i kind of just stood there listening and staring. She went on for a lot longer but that's all that i could remember. it made me smile though the things she was saying (because they were true) and how she was so enthusiastic. That's people for you. When you think you've met every kind of person there is, someone surprises you.


the ghetto 'hold up'
Dumbledore and Potter

Taking out the trash.. literally aha

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