I told you i would be in minor form on the blog and that i have. Hood has got good control of the blog and its happenings as well as the brand which has yet not been established and born. I will let you all know that we are working hard on giving birth to the brand and it will soon be out there for our audiences. Get Exhilerated y'all. It Monday morning and the weather is rather splendid. I think spring has sprung and the vegetation is photosynthesizing. I think i may just take my legs on a stroll and stroll they will.

Hi-def update: Oh you may be wondering 'what is happening with hidef?!' Well rest assure ladies and fella's t-shirts will be created next week godwilling. We have some designs and we are almost ready to just get them out to you all. We wil upload images of the tees and such.

Before then i leave you with something for you mind state: 'Why live a dull moment when you can live life in HI-DEFINITION.'



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  1. oh girlllllll, hang in there. I cannot wait to see this hidef mayhem you ladies are doing. WWWWoooooooooooooooowww.

    Luv miss trinny.