You will see me in little form for a period of four months. I am so busy with books and notes and pens and study, seriously my thoughts are flying like jets all over the house, i think they may smash to smithereens. I however do believe that life without stress and strain is abnormal. To experience calmness or the usual chill fully we must also experience tension. At this juncture reality is real and i can only work hard to overcome this besieged period. Oh and then after it all i can actually sit down and start creating hi-definition, although Hoodrat is working on it presently. I have so many top priorities and objectives that i cannot wait to meet. When typing this the song that runs through my overlapped thoughts is "Stressed out" by A Tribe Called Quest and Faith Evans. I think that song encapsulates my state of mind, thus being stress.


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  1. Damn been a while since you blogged D.
    Get back on your grind.