Just got home from N/Z house. Don't know what to do. Maybe i should pack for Melbourne, its in five days and i feel the excitement quivers coming on. It is going to be amazing, i know it. I'm probably going to over pack. Don't want to leave anything behind. The fashion is going to be crazy. I'm going to spend spend spend. Just came across this label while surfing the net. This is the Spring/Summer Lookbook for 09. The photos are amazing as you can see. Here's a description someone wrote about the label.

'As streetwear matures with those who grow with it, we are bound to see the industry as a whole move to new levels. Although there is no defined timeline on when this transition will occur, there are a small niche of brands today that give us a sneak peak of what the imagery, style, and expectation will consist of 3sixteen, out of New York, is one of these brand who combines current streetwear trends, classic American styles, and ground-breaking aesthetics into a collection that it seemingly perfect.'

Why am i always blogging about guys fashion? Because look at it, its amazing. Maybe i should have been born a boy..


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