Via Alley

Came across this brand online whilst 'studying' at the library with friends. It's so quirky with things you wont find anywhere else. On the bus yesterday coming home from the city i passed Surry Hills and what do i see. A Via Alley store. Yep they have an actual store, I'm going to check it out sometime this week. This is what i like:


  1. Ahem! Babz!

    Today, I went to Vinny's and found a massive/pretty-but-ugly/warm-and-thick grandma jumper in this blue and purple floral knitted pattern for $7. OMG I'm so :D:D:D about it, I had to comment, because I feel only you would understand my excitement about it.


    I'm going back for for a couple of nic-nacs soon. We have to set aside a day to go op-shopping in Surry Hills.

    See you tomorrow!

  2. aha babu ur gonna be the reason why this store is gonna surge in sales and popularity =) trendsetter