Do and Please Dont.

So i public transport it everywhere i go and I've compiled a short list of fashion 'do and please don't' based on my observations whilst i am out and about. These topics are ones that i notice quite a bit and sometimes make me want to say to the individual 'Please go back home'
  • Sunglasses: Ones that don't suit your face in particularly the sizing of them. They cant be too big and they cant be too small either. If you don't know what to buy then don't go buying cheap $5 ones from random stores and go to a proper sunglass store and seek some advice. They're better for your eyes and they'll look better on your face. Eg. I was on a train once and there was this guy sitting in front of me wearing shades that were obviously too small for his face. The frames were pressing up against his forehead..NOT COOL
  • Thongs/Uggboots: unless your at the beach or running down to the shops to grab something quickly in a casual outfit otherwise NO. I saw this girl in the City once wearing quite a nice outfit- black denim, tee, vest, oversized bag and then wait for it...thongs! It totally killed the whole look. If your bothered to put an outfit together that looks decent then be bothered to grab a pair of shoes and put them on. Not only are they ugly but they're a health and safety issue too. So damn slippery you could fall on smooth surfaces. Maybe then that would teach you not to wear them.
  • Hair Regrowth: In particularly blonde hair with naturally dark hair. It looks cheap and trashy.
  • Camel toes: Ewww no one want to see your pants dragged so high up your crotch that it looks painful. Does anyone look in the mirror before they exit their home?
  • Supre/Mish Mash: Or any of those disgusting brands. Everyone can tell where you get that crap from and that's why no one shops there except for you teens that are to immature to develop your own style and individuality and like to copy what you believe 'everyone' else is doing. Grow up.

Thankyou and Your Welcome


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